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Jenna Kohler, MA, CHC

founder & wellness advocate

Jenna has enjoyed a long history of engagement in the health and wellness field, having earned an Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Certification in Health Coaching. Her passion for wellness, innate empathy skills, and desire to empower others optimize their life experience have kept her faithfully involved in the promotion of healthy lifestyle. 


As a wellness advocate, blogger, and coach Jenna takes a holistic approach toward supporting physical health and mental wellbeing. She enjoys a deep sense of connection to her readers and clients, and has received accolades for her outstanding collaboration with others. 


Fun Stuff:


Favorite Vegetable: Arugula

Favorite Fruit: Avocado

Favorite Drink: Kombucha, the bubblier the better

Favorite Snack: Homemade peanut butter banana nicecream

Favorite Mindful Activity: Journaling

Favorite Movement Activity: Hiking in mountains

Favorite Travel Destination: Iceland... or Kauai, HI

"My goal as a professional and a human being is to promote the knowledge surrounding core elements of healthy living to help improve and optimize the beautiful experience of life for all those I am fortunate enough to reach."   
- Jenna

Carolyn Maszczak, BA

co-founder & creative director

Carolyn is a talented artist of many mediums. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and has developed a niche skill supporting small businesses in the health and wellness industry develop distinct, beautiful, and engaging branding portfolios. Also skilled in freestyle drawing and painting, Carolyn uses chalk, oil, acrylic, charcoal, and ink to create unique visual works designed to promote engagement and provoke thought or emotion.  Also a vocalist and avid ukulele player, her passion for creativity drives her to empower others to create beauty and peace in their own lives through healthy, mindful lifestyle. 

As a sustainability guru, designer, and vlogger, Carolyn takes a holistic approach toward supporting and interacting with others both virtually and in person. She enjoys connecting with others via social media, and has received recognition for her outstanding work in building and maintaining business platforms therein. 

Fun Stuff:


Favorite Vegetable: Asparagus

Favorite Fruit: Blueberry

Favorite Drink: Coffee with MCT Oil :)

Favorite Snack: A quality hard cheddar cheese

Favorite Mindful Activity: Watercolor painting

Favorite Movement Activity: Long walks

Favorite Travel Destination:  San Francisco, CA

"My purpose both professionally and personally is to reveal the things in life that make it truly beautiful. This means expressing myself in a way that challenges others to find their own beauty and engage with it in a way that creates true wellness."
- Carolyn